should i add a collaborative robot to my factory floor?

This blog post has been updated since its original publication date earlier this year to include examples of automatable tasks and information on how to determine where the low hanging fruit is in your factory and which are the best candidates for automation.

There’s enormous buzz about manufacturing automation and the need to stay competitive in a global marketplace. Articles are being published on what almost seems like an hourly basis. The good thing is it has manufacturers and logistics organizations thinking more than ever about ways to reduce costs and increase productivity. But an outlay of capital requires careful consideration of what your options are, and when it comes to robotics, the choices are plenty.

One solution in particular involves collaborative robots. But is it right for you? To get started, ask yourself the following questions…

  • Are you having trouble filling certain jobs because they’re dull or dangerous or there just isn’t a sufficient pool of talent in your area?
  • Is there a repeatable task in your factory that might be a candidate for automation?
  • Are you limited for space and unable to accommodate a traditional industrial robot that requires a substantial amount of real estate and safety gating?
  • Taking on a $40k to $50k capital expenditure is nothing to sneeze at, but would you be less concerned knowing there’s typically a six month ROI?

If you answered in the affirmative to any of those questions, then it’s worthwhile taking the next step. Start by flipping through this guide to get a better feel for cobots as an automation solution.

Next, take a look at industries where manufacturers are using cobots, and watch real applications of collaborative robots at work on factory floors around the world.

That’s a good start. If you want to continue this exploration, contact us here and we’ll connect you with an automation expert who can assess your needs. And spend some more time in our video gallery to get a better feel for how manufacturers of all sizes are increasing productivity and solving labor challenges with smart, collaborative robots.



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